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If you want your website to be noticed by potential clients in Japan, you need Japanese online marketing. We are a Tokyo based SEO company where East meets West. Webguru has a team of bilingual SEO specialists with a proven track record in both Western and Japanese SEO. Come to our office in Shibuya for a meet and greet with our SEO Tokyo specialists.

Tokyo SEO specialist Webguru is a data-driven digital marketing agency that uses high-end tools such as CognitiveSEO, Screaming Frog, SEMrush and our own bespoke SEO dashboard. With these tools we crawl your domain, analyse your backlinks, do a competitor analysis, find internal competition conflicts and other technical SEO issues. We use this actionable data to make changes to your website to optimize it for the search engine results and help you break into the Japanese market.

Statistics like these help to highlight the sheer importance of search engine optimization marketing in Japan. The best way to get your page to the top of the search engine rankings is to use SEO techniques.

Keyword research

Our native Japanese speaking researchers do extensive keyword analysis to determine the demand that is out there for your products and services to improve your rankings. Finding the right keywords to target can make or break the success of a website in the Google organic rankings. We integrate our research with the design of your landing pages and the creation of high quality content that both appeals to your users as well as the search engines striking the optimal balance between Search Engine Optimization and User Experience.
Tokyo SEO company Webguru offers English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese keyword research.

Competitor analysis

Who are your main competitors in the SERPs? What keywords are they ranking for and what SEO methods have they used on their landing pages? This information is vital as the Search Engine rankings are a zero sum game. If your site goes up in the rankings another site has to go down and this will only happen if your content and Search Engine Optimization is superior to that of your competitor. Tokyo SEO experts Webguru do an extensive analysis of your competitors so we can beat them at their game.

On-page optimisation

Tokyo SEO agency Webguru optimizes your on-page SEO so Google will fully understand the relevance of your landing pages. Having a great page title and meta description decides whether searchers will click through to your website. Having the right keyword phrases in your title, headers, alt image attributes and text strenghtens the relevance of your page for the Japanese Google organic rankings.

Backlink analysis

Links from other websites are an important signal to Google. What does your backlink profile look like? Are there any backlinks coming from spammy domains that might hurt your rankings? We do a complete analysis of your backlinks to see whether your site complies with the Google guidelines. We also investigate your competitors and see who is linking to them as this provides opportunities for our linkbuilding campaigns.

Webguru the SEO Agency in Tokyo

Search engines use complex algorithms to decide in which order websites are returned when people perform a standard search. SEO techniques help to optimize web pages and related content so that specific web pages will rank highly when specific terms are searched for.

All of the major web search engines use slightly different algorithms. However, our competent SEO Tokyo specialists are able to use techniques which will optimize your website so that it ranks highly with all of the big players.

Looking for digital marketing in Tokyo?

Tokyo SEO company Webguru uses advanced SEO techniques in addition to a personalized approach to clients. Therefore our SEO experts are able to help clients attract the type of attention that they want. We work closely with each client to help to understand the core of each business and that business’s unique needs. This helps to create the best possible SEO service.

Personalized search engine optimization services are highly important to customers, because they are able to target specific key demographics. These services are highly responsive to change, meaning that once you get on top, you stay on top.

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Some users feel that once they have had their website optimized for SEO, it will always come top in the search engine rankings. This not necessarily the case. Major search engines like Google regularly change the algorithms that they use to produce rankings, and these algorithm changes are not always publicly revealed.

For your internet marketing in Tokyo it is important to use a digital marketing agency like Webguru. We keep abreast of changes in online marketing. In addition, we strive to ensure that if need be, changes can be made to keep your site SEO future proof. We do regular search engine optimization work to keep your webpage at the top of the search engine rankings so your clients and potential clients can find you with ease.

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You might be thinking about whether Tokyo SEO is worth it. Remember that if your website does not come top in the search engine rankings when people search for things related to your business, then it is likely that one of your major business rivals will come top instead.

For digital marketing in Japan, great search engine results can help you to increase your market share and can turn your business from a failure into a success story.

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