It might be time to redesign your website

Web design is not just about visual aesthetic–usability is also important. You want your site to look slick, beautiful, and easy to navigate. First impressions are everything, so you need to influence visitors from the front page.

Having a website is very important to any company that wants to reach a wide market, but it also requires continuous improvement in order to stay relevant. Your current site may look terrible on a mobile device and you may want to offer your users responsive experience.

Having an up-to-date and functional website is important for good branding. Perhaps it might be time for you to consider having a full redesign of your site?

Still Using Old Technology

Perhaps you designed your website years ago and are still using an old platform. A popular Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress is constantly being updated and offers many mobile-friendly templates.

As the number of mobile users are increasing, your website needs to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

Poor User Experience

User Experience, or UX, refers to the users’ level of satisfaction on visiting a website. Were they able to find the information they were looking for fast?

Are pages organized according to the categories? Were users easily able to navigate the site without getting lost? Did the page load fast?

Even when you have great products or informative content, if it takes too many clicks to find what the user is looking for, it can turn into a frustrating experience. As a result, they will not bother to stick around and leave the site very quickly.

Major UX Factors

    • Are pages organized in a logical manner?
    • Is information easy to find?
    • Do pages load fast?
    • Is your site responsive for mobile devices?

Pages not loading fast is as bad for UX as it is for SEO as it affects bounce rate of visitors to your site. Google sees page load times as one of the most important factors in its ranking system.

Let Webguru re-design your website!

Potential customers will often form a first impression of your business based on the appearance and functionality of your website, so it is essential that it both looks good and works well. Here are some great reasons why you should consider a redesign:

  • Your website technology is out of date
  • Your website design looks old and outdated
  • You want to make your website easier to use and navigate
  • Your website is not mobile-friendly
  • You aren’t getting the results you want
  • Your business focus has changed
  • Your competitors changed their site
  • You’re launching a new service or product
  • Your website isn’t optimized for search engines
  • You need a responsive website

You site will be mobile-friendly

In 2016 Search Engine Land reported  nearly 60% of searches came from mobile devices.  You want your piece of the big pie? Then your site needs to be mobile-friendly.

But what exactly does mobile-friendly mean?

A mobile optimized site will adjust the size itself when someone visits your website from a mobile device.


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