Easy and Secure Fast Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Webguru’s professional website hosting solutions are hosted from our premium non oversold servers ensuring that you only get the fastest response times and best performance.  Webguru uses cPanel so our customers have access to a simple yet extremely powerful web based control panel to manage every aspect of your website from adding e-mail accounts to setting up complex applications and scripts such as WordPress

SSD Storage

Normally only viable for large enterprises, Webguru utilizes high performance Serial Attached Storage (SAN) arrays with Solid State Drives (SSDs). All data – whether a site file, a MySQL database or an email message – is stored on Webguru’s incredibly fast and reliable enterprise storage platform.

Basic Hosting

25,000Per Year
  • 10GB space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Daily Backups
  • Expert Support


  • 5 Page Unique Website Creation
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • 10GB Space
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Daily Backups
  • Expert Support

Redundant Servers

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If any server experiences a hardware failure then sites will automatically failover to a backup standby server and be back online within minutes. With Webguru’s premium web hosting plans extended outages due to server hardware failures are a thing of the past. Each server also has redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs) and redundant 10GBps/sec network uplinks.

Vault Backups

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Working like a time capsule, files and databases can be easily restored and WordPress, Joomla and Drupal application installs can be easily rolled back to an earlier date. All data is backed up everyday to the off-server secure Webguru Vault with restore points spanning the past 30 days.

Uptime Guarantee

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By investing in the best possible redundant infrastructure and hiring the smartest engineers, Webguru ensures that actual uptime is generally well above 99.9%. In a rare instance where sites may experience more than 0.1% downtime in a given month an appropriate account credit will be issued. No questions asked.


Site Segregation

Shared hosting does not have to mean shared problems. Sites deployed at Webguru are “caged”, segregating each site on the same server. This provides premium protection without a costly dedicated plan. If hosting multiple sites with Webguru they will each have their own secure and separate cPanel, while still maintaining easy overall management of all sites.

Instant SSL

Through the LetsEncrypt project Webguru makes available SSL certificates at no additional cost. This means all sites can be protected using HTTPS. Furthermore, because Webguru’s platform utilizes Server Name Indication (SNI) technology there are no costly dedicated IPs required either. In addition to the security benefits, enabling HTTPS for sites can provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advantages too.


Webguru’s  Shield is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that prevents common CSS and SQL injection attacks. Webguru’s   Shield receives daily updates to protect against the latest threats and provides “virtual patching” to further protect WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites.

Virus and Malware Protection

Webguru operates security appliances at the edge of the network to filter inbound email messages for threats before they are passed to the mail server for delivery. Handling scanning at the edge of the network instead of on the mail server itself provides even greater security and reduces load on the server. Additionally, customers can run on-demand virus and malware scans against their sites at anytime with just a click in cPanel.