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Web animation videos are definitely effective in enhancing the impact of your product/services considering that we humans are visual creatures. When someone visits your websites, Web animation instantly captures the attention, provided these have been created skilfully and aptly. You must be wondering what are Web animation videos. Here is a brief intro; Web animation videos are also called explainer videos because their purpose is to instantly explain the nature of your business and/or the features of your offered products/services. These tend to be created for marketing purposes and are very short in duration (usually no more than 2 minutes). Web videos are often placed on the landing page or home page of your website and many a times it becomes the first thing that captures the attention of a visitor. Web animation may also appear on the product’s page to inform the visitor about its specifications and highlights.

Web Animation

This animation has been created to promote a real estate and property oriented service’s website. The company offers variety of different services for finding the perfect property anywhere in Singapore, whether residential or commercial, and the Web animation video is extremely helpful in informing the viewers about the contents of the site.The animation commences with a very strong punchline that will immediately attract attention of those who are in need of good property in Singapore. The pace of the video and the chosen background music all work positively for the marketing campaign because the animation is subtle and viewers are not overburdened immediately with loads of information.

As evident, viewers are guided gradually about the services rendered by the firm. Once this is done, they are informed about the way to use the website’s search option properly and effectively. Viewers also learn that they can easily compare the rates and salient important features of the website like the forum, support team and support video tutorials.On the whole, Prop168 web video is a treat to watch and people will feel compelled towards exploring the website and will regularly use it if they are looking to buy property in Singapore.

We created this law student site which attracted over 90.000 users a month. To educate users on its mission we created this animation. It is to introduce the services through the website, which gives access to legal documents, news and data to law students and lawyers alike. No matter where they study or work, through this website they can easily acquire all kinds of legal information right from the comfort of their home. The video starts from a strong and effective remark that will easily grab the attention of law students. It is a fact that finding key governmental reports, sources of information and legal documents is very difficult for law students unless they are studying in a high profile institution, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, the video informs students and people affiliated with some kind of legal work worldwide the way they can benefit from the website. Apart from informing students how they can transform their life completely through the website, a very impressive voiceover makes the video truly remarkable and promotable. This video presents a unique way of creating web videos because it includes impressive voiceover, comments from real-life people and statistical data to influence the viewers. Visitors learn that they can find helpful content like legal documents, tutorials, legal news and online discussion forum on this website.

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These are just like other videos but are relatively longer in duration and are placed in a way that the video appears on the entire main page serving as the entryway of a website.

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