English Link Building and Link Outreach in Tokyo, Japan

If you need links and want to “buy” some, you came to the wrong place.

Are you a Japanese company that wants to target an international audience? Are you a Japan based international company? Webguru can cover all your link-building needs.

What we do is bespoke link-building perfectly suited for companies with English language pages wishing to rank well on highly competitive markets.

Joe has over 8 years of experience working at many levels of SEO, with particular focus on outreach for link-building in English.

He can handle all aspects of outreach projects, and enjoys coming up with creative solutions suited to each individual company’s needs and goals. Having worked with small, local clients as well as major multinational companies, he understands that every company is different and requires a custom plan that builds on its strengths.

How it works

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    Custom Approach: Each client is assessed based on its Unique Selling Points and on what it can offer to other sites; whether it’s a contact lens company who can create discounts for students across the UK to get links from university websites, or a Mexican boat tour operator with great articles that appeal to fishing enthusiasts.

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    Diverse Strategies: Then, a custom strategy is created and put into action with Joe himself collecting, contacting and negotiating with all potential collaborators.

    Joe can use a range of link-building methods including
    → Competitor link building
    → Broken link building
    → Resource link building
    → Blogger outreach
    → Influencer collaborations
    → Content creation strategies

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    Building Relationships: Building good relationships with the sites we work with is crucial for understanding the market well, for suggestions on how to improve, and for positive present and future collaborations.

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    Transparency: From start to finish, Joe records and shares every single site he collected and contacted, as well as communicating potential opportunities and reporting all the links that have been successfully built. That way, you always know exactly what has been done, and you can judge the quality of the work yourself.