You never get a second chance at a first impression. We are living in a world where people online are less patient than ever. We all want fast, easy ways to navigate and find what we want. It should come to no surprise that you have roughly 4 seconds for a visitor to make the decision to either engage your website and learn more about you or jump off to a competitor’s website. The design, function and flow of your web site are the leading elements that enhance the perceived professionalism, credibility and value in the eyes of your visitors. Without these three items, you are going nowhere, fast.

Here are some interesting facts:

Before doing business with you, over 90% of people will visit your website to do research (just like you’re doing now)
Almost 50% of online sales are lost due to a lack of building credibility and value
The #1 reason visitors leave a website is poor design and flow
Over 47% of visitors polled expressed a less positive perception of the company overall after having a poor website experience

We specialize in designing websites that engage visitors and we employ standards that offer fast, efficient flow and navigation. Our goal is to provide you with a website that doesn’t just exist, but performs.

Custom Design or Customized Template?

Don’t let design companies play word games with you when doing your research. Almost all design companies will say that they build a “custom site” when what they should be saying is that they actually customize a template.

We like to use the home-building analogy. Many builders will create a community by offering 5 or 6 models to choose from. Sure, you can “customize” the home by choosing a unique color, painting inside or changing carpeting but when all is said and done, driving down your street, your house still looks like 10 others around you. Is that a custom home or did you simply customize the model? If you ask the builder if you could have a bathroom where the garage is, the answer is no, this is the model.

We design from the ground up. We will sit with you and discuss the goals of the website. We will identify exactly what you are looking to accomplish and what elements should be placed in what areas. It’s a blank canvas and together, we will use your vision with our experience to develop the perfect site for your needs. When you view your website compared to competitors, you will be unique and provide the visitor with that all-important perception of credibility, value and professionalism. So go ahead, put the bathroom where the garage is, we won’t say no.


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